Why use the PsychMoo℠ Support Network?

PsychMoo.com is the site where individuals and families that deal with “mentally interesting issues” can connect anonymously with others with similar mental health issues, as well as have leads to resources that relate to these issues.

What are the key features of this site?

  • It's anonymous...we don't collect your name, address, or phone number (only email address, but no one else sees it).
  • You have control of your network of supporters, who see your communications and whose communications you see.
  • No character limits on your “MOOs” (posts).
  • Each “MOO” shows “MOOd” of person.
  • Expand your network RAPIDLY by searching for people with similar mental health interests.
  • This site has links of resources dealing with mental health.
  • Links to resource can be added by site users. Availability of links increases as approval level increases.
  • This site will grow and will add more and more features. We want to satisfy you as a user, so if you would like a feature to be added, let us know using the Contact Us page.


This shows you how to sign up for an account, change your settings, add supporters, look at the resource section, and post moos.

Sign up

Sign up now. This is the initial release. Before the next release, we will contact you through an email to fill out an optional survey for your input on what to fix or add. We want to make PsychMoo.com the best social media-networking site on the web.


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